The Islamic Centre: Sheik Ibrahim Nwagui

I remember reading about one of the best Islamic secondary schools in the country, The Islamic Centre. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was located in Afikpo in Ebonyi State, which is a Christian dominated part of south eastern Nigeria.

Here is a picture of the founder of the school, Sheik Ibrahim Nwagui in 1970 an Igbo man who embraced Islam in Senegal. He returned to Nigeria in 1958 and laid the first foundation at the school site in his village in 1965 then calling it The Islamic Institute of Science and Technology.

The building of the school was completed with the financial help from the Jordanian government.

Today, the Islamic Centre, Afikpo, has a primary and a secondary section. There are 450 pupils in the primary section, while the secondary section has 500 pupils.

Igbo Muslim Imams-in-training in Afikpo in 1967

Nigerian Drama: 1970s

1970s: L-R Elsie Olusola ( Sisi Clara), Christopher Kolade, Solomon Ayagere ( poet and actor) and Albert Egbe ( Mr B – Basi & co)