The Queens Tour – Second Battalian Nigerian Regiment

After her coronation in 1953 The Queen embarked on a series of overseas visits, including trips to parts of the Empire and Commonwealth never before visited by her predecessors.
She toured Nigeria from 28 January to 16 February 1956, stopping off to inspect the soldiers of the Nigeria Regiment. After the Queen’s visit, the regiment (shown here parading in khaki drill with red fezzes, scarlet zouave-style jackets edged in yellow, and red cummerbunds) was renamed the Queen’s Own Nigeria Regiment in her honour.

Queen and Duke talking to Nigerian Regiment, with the two children watching
Guards of the 2nd Battalion, Nigeria Regiment, Royal West African Frontier Force, dressing for the visit of Queen Elizabeth II, Lagos, Nigeria, 1956,


1958  Screen shots for the film. THREE ROADS TO TOMORROW . ‘The film is about three Nigerian students from different corners of Nigeria who come to Ibadan University. While they sit talking in a dance club, the film traces back each of their journeys to the university. Scenes of their homes give a new impression of an old country, and we come to understand how a modern network of communications – all dependent on oil and petrol – has opened up what was not so long ago inaccessible territory’ (Monthly Film Bulletin, 1961, 14).