A telegram regarding the "Aba Womens Riots" 1929

 …. Telegram to Mr H Rising Esq, 17th December 1929 after the “Aba Womens Riots” and the issue of if European ladies should remain in Nigeria.

It says, ” I have wired to the District Manager that Government recommends all European ladies to return to England in view of present unrest. It would appear that it was not the official intention to go so far as this and, as a fact, Mr Inglis seems to be in favour of women remaining if they have the feeling that they can do so.

I therefore cancel the telegram which went out yesterday and would ask you to read the recommendation as coming from myself and not Government.

What I have seen of the present disturbance leaves no doubt in my mind THAT THIS COUNTRY IS NO PLACE FOR A EUROPEAN LADY at the present time and I am sure most husbands will feel they do not wish their womenfolk to run any risk if such a thing can be avoided.

I might here add that I will not be recommending any wife be given permission to return to Nigeria until there is very definite assurance that the unrest is a thing of the past”

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