Chief Anthony Enahoro, The Nigerian Minister of Home Affairs, is one of the keenest golfers in Nigeria. He is seen here as he drives off from a tee at Sudbury Hill Golf Club near London. Watching his shot is Dave Thomas the club professional who recently returned form a tour of America.

Chief Enahoro who is a full member of the Sudbury Club – which is the only club in Great Britain to have an African Chief as a member – took up golfing only two years ago.
He is a member of the Ibadan Golf Club in Nigeria and has a handicap of twelve.

Now, in Britain on a 10 day visit before leaving for the United States on Government business, Chief Enahoro spends most of his spare time on the golf course.
He is keen to encourage the young people of Nigeria to take up the game, so much so that’s he also looks out for second hand golf clubs which he can take back with him to Nigeria. Lack of equipment is one of the reasons why golf is not popular in Nigeria but many of the caddies in Ibadan and Lagos love the game as much as I do” May 1959

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