Gabriel Adebayo Fagbure on Nigerias First Military Coup

Gabriel Adebayo Fagbure was an editor of the West African Pilot in the 1950s. Prior to becoming editor of the Pilot, he worked at the editorial office of the Western Echo and Southern Nigerian Defender serving as editor and managing editor respectively.
Fagbure is a native of Iwo in Osun State. In the early 1960s, he was a principal information officer at the Nigerian house in London and during the first incursion of the Nigerian military in the governance of the country, he served as a commissioner in the old Western region of the country. However, he lost an election in 1979 during the preparation for the nation’s second republic.
Fagbure attended Baptist schools in Iwo and later went to Regent Street Polytechnic, London.

(Source: Nigerian Wiki)

Here he is sharing his views on Nigerias first military coup 1966

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