BEN ENWONWU (14 July 1921–5 February 1994)

Enwonwu with Festus Okotie, Eboh Johnson, and others    

The Ben Enwonwu Foundation.

These pictures are from an exhibition which has passed but here are the details…. It was titled, Life and Times; a black and white photographic exhibition on the amazing artist and sculpture Ben Enwonwu.

The exhibition showcased carefully selected pictures from Enwonwu’s diverse photographic library that illustrated his private, public and most especially, his professional life.

Here is the link to the page enjoy! OMENKA GALLERY

"The Enahoro Affair" 1963

During the 1962 crisis in the old Western region, opposition party leaders of the Action Group found themselves accused of a coup plot and threatened with detention. One of the party leaders, Chief Antony Enahoro escaped via Ghana to the United Kingdom to seek political asylum.

Nigeria requested Enahoro’s extradition under the 1881 Fugitive Offenders Act, preventing his application for political asylum.
The once best-known Nigerian politician in Britain was now a “fugitive offender”. “The Enahoro affair”  triggered days of debate in the House of Commons, in 1963 as he battled against extradition.

“The Enahoro affair” became an issue of human rights versus the government’s pusillanimous wish not to offend Nigeria, and put the Tory prime minister, Harold Macmillan, and his home secretary, Henry Brooke, in a difficult position.

He was extradited from the UK and imprisoned for treason. In 1966, he was released by the Military Government.

Here is a document highlighting the situation the UK government found themselves regarding the “The Enahoro affair”…..I will post more declassified documents later.

1932 Olympics: Nnamdi Azikiwe Requesting Permission to Represent Nigeria in the 1932 Olympics

The 1932 Olympics took place during the Great Depression and fewer countries and athletes took part than in the previous Games. However, the standard and achievement of participants was high.

Here is a letter from a young Nnamdi Azikiwe requesting permission to represent Nigeria in the 1932 Olympics…..