“In 1909 a team of itinerant geologists who were supposed to be looking for silver in this hilly area discovered the sub-bituminous coal which, subsequent investigations estableshed was available in commercial quantities.
The discovery came at a very opportune time, just before the outbreak of the first world war, 1914- 1918. The Goverenment of Nigeria decided to undertake the operation and the developement of the mines. Following the decision, a 151- mile railway route was built to connect the mining centre with the port of Port Harcourt . The first coal train steamed out of the coal mines in 1916. The settlement which grew out of the mines was called Enugu, an Igbo expression for top of the hill”.

The colonial government needed Chief Onyeama of Eke. His drive and influence provided labourers from all over the surrounding villages who were set on the task of building the new railway line . nd

                                        A miner walking along the shaft of the Udi Mines

The coal that travels by aerial ropeway from the Hays Mines is loaded here at Ogbete Railway Marshalling Yard.

                                                 The main thoroughfare through  Enugu

                                                    The well shaded shopping centre

                                           The Roman Catholic Cathedral at Enugu c1961

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