Dejobbed, Bewifed And Much Childrenised

This is a 1929, letter by a man who apparently lost his job. I think the letter is a master piece!!. I wonder if this “dejobbed” “bewifed” and “much childrenised” man was ever “rejobulated.” 😀

(Source: The National ArchivesAfrica Through a Lens project.)


February 2nd 1929.

Kind Sir,

On opening this epistle you will behold the work of a dejobbed person, and a very bewifed and much childrenised gentleman.

Who was violently dejobbed in a twinkling by your goodself. For Heavens sake Sir consider this catastrophe as falling on your own head, and remind yourself as walking home at the moon’s end of five savage wives and sixteen voracious children with your pocket filled with non-existent £ S D; not a solitudery sixpence; pity my horrible state when being dejobbed and proceeding with a heart and intestines filled with misery to this den of doom; myself did greedily contemplate culpable homicide, but Him who did protect Daniel (poet) safely through the lion’s dens will protect his servant in his home of evil.

As to reason given by yourself — goodself — esquire for my dejobbment the incrimination was laziness.

No Sir. It were impossible that myself who has pitched sixteen infant children into this valley of tears, can have a lazy atom in his mortal frame, and the sudden departure of eleven pounds monthly has left me on the verge of the abyss of destitution and despair. I hope this vision of horror will enrich your dreams this night, and good Angel will meet and pulverise your heart of nether milestone so that you will awaken, and with as much alacrity as may be compatable with your personal safety, you will hasten to rejobulate your servant.

So mote it be – Amen

Yours despairfully

Sgd. Asuquo Okon Inyang.


Bishop Ajayi Crowther

Bishop Adjayi Crowther with converts persecuted at Bonny, and idols surrendered to him by King Ockiya.

Bishop Samuel Adjayi Crowther (c. 1809 – 31 December 1891) Was the first African Anglican bishop in Nigeria. Born in Osogun (in today’s Iseyin Local Government, Oyo State, Nigeria).

His grandson Herbert Macaulay became one of the first Nigerian nationalists and played an important role in ending British colonial rule in Nigeria.

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Lagos Light House 1947

“The Lagos light house, built in 1891, is about half a mile to the west of the harbour entrance and rises 100ft above the flat, sandy seashore.

The light is not electric but is produced by burning kerosene.
Every possible care is taken to avoid failure of the light and a mantle is replaced by a new one after three nights of use.”

The Lamp of Lagos lighthouse surrounded by lenses and prisms to collect and direct the light given out by the incandescent mantle