Nigerian Chiefs in London in 1913 to petition about new laws for the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria.

A group portrait showing the deputation of West African chiefs who came to London to petition the Colonial Secretary on the new Land Laws which would come into force with the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria the following year (1914). The group is seen here on the Terrace of the House of Commons where they were entertained to tea by Mrs. Alice Seymour Wason (centre of group) and her husband in early July. The European figure at the back of the group is possibly John Cathcart Wason (1848-1921), M.P. for Orkney and Shetland (1900-21) although he appears to be a younger man than Wason would have been at this time. The two other European women in the group have not been identified. Some of the chiefs have been identified as: O. Labinjoh (Representative of the Alara of Ara); A. Edun (Egba Government, Secretary to delegation); E. Adebiyi (delegate from Ibadan); Chief Adedeji (Risawe of Ilesha); Chief of Shobogun (Lisa of Kesi, Abeokuta); Demisokun (delegate from Ilesha); Sanusi (Ekerin Balogun of Ibadan); Omobulejo (Odi of Jebuode); Erabase (of Ife); Ajero (Odi of the Oni of Ife).

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