Explorer and environmentalist Newton Jibunoh

A picture from Newton Jibunohs first adventure 
” I had the opportunity of meeting and speaking with the press in Accara, Ghana. I showed some of my trophies which included the head of an animal which I killed when it tried to attack me in the Oasis along the Sahara, the stove with with I made my meals with and some sand and stones from the desert” 1966
Dr. Newton Chukwukadibia Jibunoh b. January 1 1938 Just after his University education in the  60s and at a time when the entire world was undergoing great socio- political and cultural changes; Newton Jibunoh sought out challenges in which to make his own contributions towards creating a better world. He chose the rare and daring challenge of a solo expenditure of driving across the Sahara desert in 1966. Predictably, this became a life-changing experience and the inspiration for his now internationally-remarkable achievements in expedition and environmental matters
Thirty-three years later in 1999, Dr. Newton Jibunoh decided on his second Sahara desert expedition; this time travelling in the reverse direction from Nigeria to Europe. The motivation behind this second desert expedition was to bring to the world’s attention the plight of the millions of people in Africa affected by the fast-encroaching Sahara desert. After his second Sahara expedition, Dr. Jibunoh founded FADE-Fight Against Desert Encroachment, an international Non-Governmental Organisation. NGO accredited to the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development.
In 2008 at 70, Jibunoh embarked on his third and final trip across the world’s largest desert. The objective of the 60 day expedition was  to raise awareness on the effects of desertification on desert dwellers, global warming and climate change. 

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