Trivia:The First Nigerian National Anthem

A world wide competition was held for a poem for Nigeria’s National anthem. The winner of the competition was Miss J. L Williams ( A British official of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Welfare) who won £100. She donated her prize money to the Nigerian Red Cross

There was also a competition for the music to the anthems words. Entries were received from as far field as British Guiana, Malta, Canada and Australia. The winning entry was from Miss Frances Benda of London. Her Prize was £1000.


Pictures of The Oba’s Festival Ondo. 1956

Ondo is an ancient Yoruba kingdom situated about forty miles south east of Ife. Historian Samuel Johnson, said that it was founded from Old Oyo, but local tradition, says that the people of Ondo came straight from Ife. The story goes, that one of Oduduwa’s wives bore twins. Now, not all parts of Yoruba land have always accepted twins and as told, in those ancient days twins were killed. Oduduwa fearing for the safety of these children and his wife, sent them away from Ife to another part of the land that was more acceptable of twins.

When the twins a boy ( older ) and a girl grew up, the male child founded the town of Epe, while his sister, Pupupu, founded the town of Ondo.

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