Samuel Gomsu Ikoku. 1970

Economist and politician, Samuel Gomsu Ikoku ( S.G Ikoku ) was the leader of the opposition in the Eastern House of Assembly. Representing the Calabar Municipality (for Action Group 1951 -1962)
He famously beat his father for this seat. His father eventually got over the shock of the win then publicly endorsed his son’s ideology and financed his re-election in 1961.

S.G Ikoku was one of the accused during the famous Treasonable Felony Trial of 1962, along with Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Chief Lateef Jakande and 10 others but by the time the trial had commenced S.G was already in Ghana and didn’t return to prove his innocence.
He remained in exile till 1966.

This picture is from the Times (UK) in September 1970 when he was East Central State Commissioner for Economic Development and Reconstruction.

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