Book of Genesis, in Pigin English 1950s

I found Bishop Fishers notes !!!

They were hidden inside the property of a Mr J M Beckley, who was once a perm secretary for the Ministry of Local Government (Nigeria)

Bishop Fisher belonged to the Africa Church and was also once a member of the Western House of Assembly.

I believe the picture was taken whilst he demonstrated the “Pigin English” version of the book of Genesis(as described in the Picture Post 1956)

-The Story Of Genesis In Pidgin English-

“Den de Lawd He make Hadam go Sleep for one place, an He go take small piece bone from Hadam’s side- dey call am wish bone. He go breath – an woman dey. An de Lawd callum dis woman Heva. De Lawd wake Hadam an he say”Hadam you see dis woman” an Hadam he say “yesh Lawd, I see um, be sweet past stink fish. Den de Lawd go way up for heaven, an Hadam an Heva go walka walka for garden where dey go play plenty plenty”


I will post some pages from his notes very soon.

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