The Olu of Itsekiri 1944.

The Olu of Itsekiri 1944.
(- d. 8th January 1949)

Ginuwa II, The Olu of Itsekiri, (the seventeenth in his dynasty) was installed on February 7th, 1936, after an interregnum of 88 years (the previous Olu Akengbuwa, having died in 1848) The interregnum was due to some disagreements during his reign.

Some say, the Itsekiris originally came from Benin; the first Olu, Ginuwa, was a son of the Oba who left Benin in 1480 and settled at Amatu on the Dodo River, south Forcados. After a short sojourn there, he migrated to Ijala, where he died.
His successor, Olu Ogbowuru ( Prince Ijijen) and his party later moved to Iwerre, referred to by the then Olu as ” Big Warri” or ” Ode- Itsekiri”.

In May 1952 the government of Western Nigeria changed the title of the Itsekiri ruler from the Olu of Itsekiri to the Olu of Warri at the request of the Itsekiri

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