How best can you get to know Britain?

How best can you get to know Britain? Ask eight Northern Nigerian ladies and they will tell you “by living in British homes” 1960 Daily Times June 1960

The ladies were:

Malama Ya Anusa – Teacher

Malama Ayishatu – Community Attendant

Miss Dorothy Makun Kpojime – Teacher

Malama Hadiza Mohammed Tukur – House Wife

Malama Zariya Abdulrahman – Adult Educationist

Malama Rakiya Kate – Nurse

Malama Chima Dacici – Health Visitor

Malama Yargoggo Dogondaji – Home-craft Organiser

Photo 1 – Visitors with farmers wife, Mrs Harrison in her home.

Photo 2 – Visitors in the home of Mrs Dorothy Dawson. Mrs Dawson shows her guests a new knitting pattern over a cup of tea.

Photo 3 – “About to have the ride of their lives”. The ladies cling to their seats as they start their journey from Minehead to Dunster Beach on a stagecoach drawn by four horses.

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