Was Ebuka’s outfit inspired by colonial uniforms?

Ebuka Obi Uchendu outfit to the Soundcity MVP Awards was amazing but I can’t help thinking it reminds me of colonial uniforms.

I think it’s more like those worn by colonial foresters

What do you think?

I had to dig out my copy of Nigeria in costume 1960……

1. A Forester

“Much of Western Nigeria including Warri and Benin provinces are covered with thick forests of valuable hard woods which play an important part in Nigeria’s exports and represent an important source of wealth to the country.

A large number of men are therefore employed in guarding, maintaining and replanting these forests

The foresters wear a distinctive green drill uniform with green puttees and green fez” c1960

2. Argungu – Local Administration Police Sergeant – Hausa

“Up to 1954 it was customers throughout Northern Nigeria for the local administration Police Force to have their own distinctive uniform” c1954

3. Local Administration Police Constable From Bida c1954

4. Local Administration Police Constable From Katsina c1954

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