1983 Xtasy

In the middle of 1982 the group Xtasy was formed by Phillip Trimnell and Ben Murray – Bruce (Ben Bruce Records/ Polygram Records) it consisted of Ben Murray Bruce’s younger siblings Roy and Stella who were undergraduates at the time in a University in Los Angeles, California.

Their debut album E Je Ka Jo which means ‘Let’s Dance’ was released in 1983 and produced by Greg Wright who wrote and produced songs for Diana Ross, Switch and Jermaine Jackson

E Je Ka Jo was described as “a stone cold, boogie classic” and remains one of the most sought-after records of its type.

Today, Roy is the President of the Silverbird Group, Nigeria and Stella Albright is the President and CEO of Albright International Inc., in California

Photo1 : Xtasy

Photo2 :Xtasy

Photo 3 & 4 Stella Bruce

Photo 5: Xtasy with Linda Carriere of the group Dynasty who gave the duo vocal training in between lectures

Photo 6: Stella Bruce Albright today

Photo 7: Roy Bruce today

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