In Remembrance of the Victims of the Biafran War 1967 – 1970.

May 30th, we dedicate this day to the millions of people that lost their lives during the Biafran war.

I dedicate it to my family members and their friends. People I would never meet but their beautiful memories linger on in my life.

I dedicate it to the surviving victims of war, who bravely walk around with the trauma and intangible scars of the horrors they faced with dignity.

I dedicate it to many of us, children of these victims who did not live through this war but, have lived vicariously through our parents horrific recollections and often delicate psychological dispositions in remembrance of this war.

May 30th is the day set aside by us to mark the remembrance of a war that left an indelible mark on the nation ….it is a day of commiseration, reflection and mourning.

….The brothers war, the war on the past, the war on existence and the war on the future….

…. the war on a country that once was and has never been quite the same again for many.

For some of us who endeavour to keep the knowledge of history in our consciousness we continually repeat the mantra that “those who ignore history are bound to repeat it”

Sadly, we see patterns of history repeating itself in various sections of the country today.

In the age of creating holidays at will, I believe a national day of reflection should be observed formally in this country. Stories need to be told without being looked upon with disdain and suspicion but with love and respect with the intention to encourage a better society built on understanding, equity & justice.

Remind those that don’t know or appreciate the consequences of war what happened and why it must never be repeated.

Ka udo n’amamife chi à

(Let peace reign with knowledge)

May all the victims of this war rest in eternal peace #Ozoemena

~ Amanda Kirby Okoye

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