Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Oyeniyi Awolowo (6 March 1909 – 9 May 1987), was a Nigerian nationalist and statesman who played a key role in Nigeria’s independence movement, the First and Second Republics and the Nigerian Civil war

Photo 1: Obafemi and Hannah 1930s

Photo 2: Chief Obafemi Awolowo launching his new book, The strategy and tactics of the people’s republic of Nigeria at the Mainland Hotel – July 1970

Photo 3: Chief Awolowo addressing the people of Owo 1960s

Photo 4: Awolowo: Sculpturer at work whilst his subject patiently sits

Photo 5: Chief Obafemi Awolowo lying in state as Tai Solarin pays his last respect 1987

Photo 6: Segun Awolowo Jnr, hugs his grandmother, Chief Hannah Awolowo at his grandfathers funeral 1987

Photo 7: Segun Awolowo Snr Chief Obafemi Awolowos first son who died on July 10 1963 in a car accident.

Photo 8: King Sunny Ade’s new album Jealousy (The B side was dedicated to the the Late Chief Awolowo) being presented to Mama Dideolu Awolowo at Ikenne by Ola Kazim