A young Emeka Ojukwu, a mystery solved…… almost.

When you research on the life of Emeka Ojukwu it says he went to CMS Grammar School in 1943 and Kings College in 1944.

But I found this photo and I was lost because the school shield was not that of CMS or Kings College. But after having a conversation with Onyemechi Kadamawa Okonkwo last night, I can now place it.

It’s the shield of Okongwu Memorial Grammar School in Nnewi.

It appears at some point Emeka Ojukwu also went to Okongwu Memorial Grammar School, Nnewi

And it would have been in or after 1948.

This would make sense as I remember my grandmother mentioning him being enrolled when she recalled how the school was set up by prominent Nnewi men which included my grand father, Dennis Osumuo and her cousin Sir Louis Ojukwu.

Back to this photo…… I still have issues with it as the school was set up in 1948 but according to those that wrote his history he had left Nigeria for the UK at 13 to attend Epsom College that would have been in 1946!

So there are a few problems with this photo

  1. How is a young Emeka seated in a photo in 1948 when he was supposed to be in England in 1946 ( two years before the school opened) ?
  2. I have a few images of Emeka in the UK whilst studying and in all the photos he appears to be pretty well built.He looks like an older teen not a younger boy.
  3. The photo seems like it was taken in the 1940s because the second picture was also taken in the 1940s on Empire Day – Empire a Day had not been changed yet to Children’s Day

Is it possible there is a mistake somewhere? Did he attend Epsoms 6th Form College instead of earlier? If not how does one explain this school photo in Okongwu Memorial in or after 1948?

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