Nigerian Trains are Back…. Again.

A couple of days ago The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) and the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi announced that they would be commencing operations on their Lagos-Ibadan route.

After seeing the photos (Photos 1&2) who wouldn’t be excited?

So modern!

…… but let’s look at these images of a train in Nigeria in 1950…..

I’m sure people in 1950 were just as excited as I am in 2020.

But mismanagement and a poor maintainance culture meant that these images of 1950 were one that would not last. And instead of a gradual refurbishment with limited expenditure we are forced into deals as if we are starting afresh in this case ( US$ 1.53bn) with foreign “heroes” the 🇨🇳 -China Civil Engineering and Construction Corporation (CCECC).

It makes me sad,considering railway services started in Nigeria 122 years ago. Before many countries and cities in the UK

But let’s hope that we have learned the lesson of the past and developed a mindset of maintaining and saving…..

…… that is, after we have payed back these loans.

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