Living History School Workshops (ages of 8 to 16)

These high quality history workshops help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of the lives and events of Nigeria’s past.

Each workshop is designed to inspire the pupils to want to know more about the past.

We use role-play, artefacts, hands-on activities, drama, songs and games to bring the past to life in an exciting, memorable way that involves every child in the class.

All the time using practical and engaging methods of teaching.

Our history teachers and actors have perfected techniques using visual aids to share Nigeria’s history. Students engage in several multi sensory activities through out, via objects, videos and pictures.

We chose this method, simply because, how can you put into words what you can see with your eyes? …..learning history through images is so much more interesting because it leaves a memorable imprint and higher rates of recall in the minds of participants.

For booking information and details of all the workshops we offer please contact us.


The organisation hopes to set up a museum that will have a permanent  exhibition and also run a series of temporary and touring exhibitions nationally and Internationally. Please check regularly for exhibition dates