Joliba Projects

Joliba Heritage and Culture work on a rich variety of heritage preservation and history projects.

Under the guidance of UNESCO and other organisations, we develop programmes that help educate, empower and create awareness on Nigeria’s history and culture.

Kirby Histories

Kirby Histories  is our dedicated blog site.  Our contributing social historians use this platform to share stories from our history/heritage and frequently update the public on all Joliba’s existing and proposed projects.

Discovering Nigeria

A Weekly Televison Programme About The History, Culture, Art And Personalities That Make Up Nigeria.

The aim of each episode is to explore a topic that embodies our history and culture using the vehicle of celebrity to take the audience on a journey to reveal major events in Nigeria’s history.

 One topic…One celebrity

The Green Plaques Scheme

The installation of the distinguished Green Plaques will be to commemorate land marks associated with historical figures.

These plaques bring a building to life, it tells the story about the important people that lived or worked there and Its a great way of uniting the past with the present

Contact us if you would like to volunteer your skills, submit a research idea or if you want to find out more about projects.