1963 – The Thomas Girls

Someone in our group mentioned Justice Stephen Peter Thomas (the first Chief Justice of the Mid-West region) a couple of days back.

These are his daughters in 1963,
L-R Margret (13) Winifred (17) and Pat (15) while they were students at Taunton School in the West of England.

They made the papers – The Somerset County Gazette when Margret won the Shaw Cup for Drama and Winifred and Pat “duologue play” at the Taunton Music and Drama Festival.

Their fathers sister was Stella Marke, the first Nigerian and African woman to qualify as a Lawyer.
Their uncle was  Peter Thomas, the first West African pilot commissioned in the Royal Air Force during World War II.

I think there was also a discussion about whether Margret, was Stella Markes niece or younger sister.
Well, she definitely had a niece called Margret.

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